Many of our old scripts had a lot of settings, that you had to change over and over again if you had more than one of our scripts. This new library script will make that process easier because of the following:

  • Config file with universal settings throughout all of our scripts. Let me make an example: "You want to change the notification of the script in the config." - You just change it once in the library script and it will be changed in all of the script. That is what we call user friendly.

  • The library script will contain a lot of functions, that you'll have access to in the different scripts, for you to add whatever you may need to add. Let me make another example: "You are using an MDT, that we currently not support in our scripts. You will then find a open file, that you can see, that a function is taking data from the library, in that function, you simple just add your trigger".

  • And then there is the updates. We will after this major rework of all of our scripts, reduce the amount of updates coming out. If any scripts will be updated. It will most likely be this library script.

This library script will be escrowed. Which means, you'll not gain any access to the code. It will also be added to all scripts, escrowed and open source. But this script will always be escrowed. It comes with the script for free.

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