Before you buy


When buying scripts from Apex Studios you automatically agree to the following Terms of Conditions.

  • The unauthorized distribution (leaking) of our products or assets is strictly prohibited. Any violation will result in a report to CFX, Warden, and the potential revocation of any active licenses. Furthermore, legal action may also be taken, as referenced at the bottom.

  • Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not provide refunds or exchanges once they have been purchased, which is the industry standard.

Apex Studios reserves the right to, at it's discretion, change the terms under which the services on the discord and website are offered. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. To stay informed of our updates we encourage you to periodically review these terms.

ALL scripts are exclusively available on, if you purchased my files from somewhere else, you've been scammed and you need to stop using the asset.

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